Maisons Levesque
 Our vision

At Maisons Levesque, we want each client to be completely satisfied and to have a memorable home building experience. Our service and quality standards are extremely high. Each new construction is overseen with rigour and we personally evaluate any new products before we recommend them.

During the planning and construction stages, we go beyond the call of duty to assure that the new owners are well guided, frequently consulted and that all timelines are respected.

We build a limited number of houses per year simply because we want to keep our personalized and superior service level.

Our estimates are truly realistic and include adequate buffers. With this sensible approach, we dramatically reduce the number of surprises and virtually eliminate exceeded budgets.

Furthermore, with our project management option, we can probably build your house at a lower cost that if you were to contract it on your own. Talk to us to learn more on our project management service.

Many of our clients with tell you that we work in the best interest of the owner. Call us today for references and to discover why we live by "My custom home project, made Easy"

Joël Levesque

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